Recording of the HSEvents Webinar 'The Future of Brands: easy access for all'

On the 13th of December 2023, CI HUB was hosting another insightful HSEvents Webinar.

'The Future of Brands: easy access for all'

Hear from digital experts from and CI HUB and learn from their experience in this webinar.

How do we get the Brand, through DAM, to become a true companywide asset that everyone can access easily?

The Speakers:

Gert Fahrnberger
Gert Fahrnberger
Co-founder and CCO of
Andreas Michalski
Andreas Michalski
CEO and founder of CI HUB

Watch the recording and learn form CI HUB and how CI HUB Connector for Corporate and CI HUB Drive are a cornerstone for any brand and learn the following:

  • How to increase the DAM usage inside a company
  • How to turn all departments into Brand ambassadors
  • What will the CI HUB Connector Corporate do
  • What is the CI HUB Drive and what will it do
  • Make the Brand front and center for all to use
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