Burdensome, unproductive tasks hindering the innovation of new content?

As a business grows, digital asset management can become complex, disorganized, or even overwhelming; and that's why we stepped in to create a solution.



of creative work time is spent managing assets


are thus spent uncreatively/unoptimized year after year


The amount of data sources that an average knowledge worker needs to get his work done
Simplify the navigation of your digital assets stored on intelligent data domains, right inside your preferred creative application.
With data domains and asset libraries throughout your marketing ecosystems is the philosophy behind CI HUB Connector.
Search + filter
Uniform user experience to search and filter digital assets across all connected data domains and asset libraries from one panel.
Customizable Management
How about viewing or assigning tasks from your work management system within another application? Or updating and collaborating on those tasks with your co-workers in the same place?
DRM Support
The ability to ensure the compliance of your content and easily track where and how long your assets can be used would be no less than amazing.
and many more …

Digital asset management reinvented. Manage everything from a single access point.

The creative mind thrives in an environment with freedom of movement and expression. So we created an open-minded, yet methodical integration platform that aligns unimpeded creativity with broad accessibility in an organized and easy-to-use interface. The trade-off is simple, replace frustration and time or revenue loss, with enjoyment and increased ROI!

You call the shots - we'll be there to support you. With the CI HUB Connector, you have total control over the entire project life cycle

From the initial planning phase, to the execution of the project, then finally the end review and completion, the Connector comes prepared with the resources and functions you need for success. Connect your work management platform to any supported application for real-time task status updates and comment visibility. Quickly view version history and asset usage to accelerate those critical last minute changes. But that's just scratching the surface!

So... let’s make your asset management a little easier by testing CI HUB for 30 days free of charge