Our pricing models

Οur pricing model appeals to anyone, regardless if you are an individual designer or a small team of creatives.

Adobe Exchange
Head over to our listing in the Adobe Exchange to install the extension.
Microsoft AppSource
Head over to our listing on Microsoft AppSource to install the extension for Microsoft 365, Outlook, and SharePoint.

Find out more about how to make SharePoint your distribution and monitoring platform for digital assets. Learn more: CI HUB Connector for SharePoint.
Google Workspace Marketplace
Head over to our listing on Google Workspace Marketplace to install the extension.
Head over to our listing on Figma community to install the extension.

Find out more about how CI HUB connects your design teams to your design files, images, text, metadata wherever they are located, directly in Figma: CI HUB Connector for Figma.
By integrating the CI HUB Add-in to Sketch you can reduce your design effort and present any customer-facing assets within your work. Learn more: CI HUB Connector for Sketch.
Head over to our listing on WordPress.org to install the plugin.

Find out more about how CI HUB empowers WordPress users to reduce workload and keep their “Medialab” up to date: CI HUB Connector for WordPress.

Transform Your Workflow with CI HUB's Streamlined Integration and Digital Asset Management

  • Simplifies daily work.
  • Streamlines workflows.
  • Connects internal and external units.
  • Consistent and compliant asset handling.
  • Ensures productions on demand.

*License is valid for one person on up to 3 computers. Some restrictions apply. Based on our T&C. Based on 12 month upfront payment. Prices are without applicable VAT where apply.

All information, prices, and data were last verified in March 2023. To report any incorrect or outdated information, please get in touch with us.

If your Organisation needs help with Security setup or Corporate deployment, we are here to help.