The CI HUB Connector Family

The CI HUB Connector Family Connecting your entire enterprise to your Digital Assets

The CI HUB Connector has evolved into three different products to enable an entire enterprise to access the company’s digital assets in the most logical way. This means the CI HUB Connector that you know will now be the CI HUB Connector Pro, the CI HUB Drive will directly connect you to your digital assets in Windows Explorer/MacOS Finder, and the CI HUB Connector Corporate will be the tool of the corporate creators with streamlined features for Office 365 and Google workspace.

The CI HUB Connector Pro; stay in the creative flow in 20+ applications.

Distraction is the killer of a creative’s flows and the solution is CI HUB Connector Pro. Now you are able to access all your digital brand assets directly inside your productivity tools.

23 minutes, the average time it takes most workers to get back on task after an interruption. - Research study at the University of California at Irvine.

Connect one or many different DAMs directly inside over 20 different productivity programs to keep you laser focused.

The pro connector is for the power users in your organization, think designers, brand … to both speed up and increase the accuracy of their work.

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CI HUB Connector Pro

CI HUB Drive; Synchronization on demand

The perfect tool to extend your Corporate Data to everyone, everywhere in your organization. CI HUB Drive is built into the Operating Systems Finder and Explorer application. As we are using the most commonly used tools in a corporation, MacOS Finder and Windows Explorer, there is zero training needed to use CI HUB Drive.

Let’s get a little technical.

The DAM is virtually mounted and displayed as an external server /external hard disk in the MacOS Finder or in Windows Explorer. The directory structure can be navigated easily, always based on your existing roles and rights within the connected system. Double-click on the corresponding element to make images, entire folder contents, and collections available locally. The sync process achieves stunning performance thanks to multi-threading.

This sounds too good to be true, but that is what makes it a CI HUB product.

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CI HUB Drive

CI HUB Connector Corporate; keeping the enterprise on brand

CI HUB Connector Corporate was born out of the fact that everyone is creating content in an enterprise nowadays. This has led to digital brand assets needing to be accessible easily.

The main focus of the CI HUB Connector Corporate is on the consumer of digital content, covering the needs of non-professional users.

The needs of a digital asset consumer are much simpler, thus the Pro has too many features and capabilities.

Imagine you have only contextual brand information available in your application. In PowerPoint, for example, you only have RGB colors, low-resolution images, Adobe Illustrator files automatically offered as PNG. And when you create a sales presentation, you have all the sales arguments that match your task at hand. Corporate templates, iconography, imagery, logos, slides, and much more.

Designers will love it. They can design brand-relevant components in your preferred app and store them directly in the CI HUB Connector Corporate. Users have immediate access to new or modified components. Even if changes are made to existing assets during production, users are informed, and content is updated in real-time.

Let’s name it “Dynamic Brand Hub“

You need inspiration?

We’ve got you covered. The CI HUB Connector Corporate is connected to multiple GenAI Systems. Use your preferred solution for images and text to make the most out of your “inspiration board”.

The CI HUB Connector Corporate will be entering a beta phase later this year.
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CI HUB Connector Corporate
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