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The CI HUB Connector empowers you to find your inspiration and the content you need within your app. No window hopping, no jumping back and forth, no wasted time.


Streamlined workflow:

Streamlined workflow: The CI HUB connector allows for a more streamlined workflow in Google Workspace, enabling easy access to digital assets from within the applications, streamlining the content creation process and enhancing productivity.

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Efficient asset management:

Efficient asset management: The CI HUB connector simplifies digital asset management by offering easy access and management of digital assets directly within Google Workspace, reducing the need to switch between applications or platforms.

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Enhanced creativity:

Enhanced creativity: With easy access to digital assets directly within Google Workplace, designers and creative professionals can more easily access the assets they need to bring their ideas to life, enhancing creativity and enabling faster and more efficient content creation.

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Google_Sheets Google Sheets

The CI HUB Connector helps you to browse and place Content from DAM or Cloud Storage systems without leaving Google Sheets.

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Google_Docs Google Docs

The CI HUB Connector helps you to be more efficient while creating your Google Doc. Pulling content has never been easier.

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Google_Slides Google Slides

The CI HUB Connector enhances your Google Slide app with much more than just drag & drop approved images to your slides.

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Lara Tapple, – Lisa, Operator in the Consumer Goods Business
“With the numerous integration options, there is hardly a tool that I can't use to access my assets directly. Whether Photoshop or Google Docs, my files are always with me and only a few clicks away.”
– Lisa, Operator in the Consumer Goods Business

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How does CI HUB simplify my digital asset management?

CI HUB simplifies digital asset management by providing a unified interface that enables easy access, management, and use of digital assets across multiple applications and platforms, streamlining workflows, enhancing productivity, and ensuring consistency in branding and messaging.

What types of digital assets can I manage using CI HUB?

CI HUB supports a wide range of digital assets, including images, videos, logos, icons, documents, and other media types commonly used in the creative process.

How do I set up and configure CI HUB?

Setting up and configuring CI HUB is a simple process that involves creating an account, selecting the digital asset management system you want to integrate with, and following the instructions for installation and setup.

Is CI HUB secure?

Yes, CI HUB is designed with security in mind, and uses industry-standard encryption and other security measures to protect user data and ensure secure access to digital assets.

Can I use CI HUB for collaboration and team workflows?

Yes, CI HUB is designed for collaboration and team workflows, enabling multiple users to access and use digital assets in a unified interface, streamlining collaboration and enhancing productivity.

So... let’s make your asset management a little easier by testing CI HUB for 30 days free of charge