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The CI HUB team is made up of highly skilled professionals that have created a product used worldwide, by some of the biggest companies. We also deliver it with a huge smile on our faces as we genuinely love working together.

Our CI HUB Culture

What is it all about?
  • We’re a software technology company based in Potsdam and Frankfurt, founded in November 2018.
  • We use modern web technologies, data integrations, and user-oriented features to empower easy content integration, collaboration, and fast production processes.
  • Our diverse team consists of experts from different branches and backgrounds, united by our ambition to deliver exceptional outcomes and nourished by a working culture where everyone can express their ideas and simple be themselves.

Working with us means...


As well as various benefits, we pay above the going rate salaries


Everyone has a voice. Bring your new ideas and projects to the team and let’s see what helps us grow faster


From ideas to decisions in the shortest of times. Move fast, analyze, and adjust if needed


An open ear for honest and constructive feedback


Seniority is not the decider. The best ideas are the ones that win. This is what has gotten us this far this quickly


A goal-oriented development perspective


Absolute flexibility in terms of working hours and organization


We look after our team: tax-free bonuses, amazing events, support when for you when life gets a little bumpy.


A workplace budget for the equipment of your choice


Remote, Hybrid, co-working or at one of our offices…the choice is yours.


Offsite work trips where we get to work closely on projects and to plan the important next steps


Next on the list: 4 weeks in Bali

Andreas Michalski
Andreas Michalski

CEO & Founder of CI HUB

Andy lives in the smallest big city in Germany, Frankfurt. He takes care that we all have fun working and removes all roadblocks. At home, he enjoys walking 10 km daily with his dog, which is needed as he also enjoys good food.

Jörg Seidler
Jörg Seidler

Founder of CI HUB

Jörg resides in Potsdam, where he enjoys the picturesque surroundings. In his free time, he loves windsurfing and spending time with his family.

Jasper Ullrich
Jasper Ullrich

Founder of CI HUB

Jasper lives in Rödelheim (ever heard of it?) and loves to provide a good, useful and flawless product. In his free time, he tries to ignore the fact that things don't always work out.

Leon Schäfer
Leon Schäfer


A change of screen background is very important not only in the office, so Leon loves to travel and work remotely a lot. He does a lot of sports and enjoys spending time with friends and family.

Gerd Glader
Gerd Glaser

CSO, Chief Sales Officer

Gerd lives in Potsdam. In his spare time, he muses about missed opportunities, and when he’s had enough, he plays the guitar in an R&B band.

Nick Stein
Nick Stein

CMO, Chief Marketing Officer

Nick is based in Vienna, enjoying the most livable city in the World. In his spare time he is playing almost every sport you can imagine or relax with a good film with his family

Alexandra Pamela Steinert
Alexandra Pamela Steinert

Senior Marketing Manager

Alex lives in the heart of the City Frankfurt/Main, has two cats, and loves music, films, fine arts, and cooking with friends.

Philipp Händler
Philipp Händler

Head of Integration Development

Philipp enjoys living in Nidda in the beautiful Wetterau. He loves music and gaming, where his dedication to software development originates.

Salim Melliti

Senior Software Developer

With a decade of experience in full stack software development and software engineering. Salim is a fast learner, speaks four languages, and prioritizes customer satisfaction. Outside of work, he enjoys family time and exploring new cultures.

Lucas Weißmann
Lucas Weißmann

Software Developer

Lucas is a Computer Science student studying at THM Gießen and is set to complete his bachelor's degree later this year. In his free time, he enjoys going to the gym, playing video games, and spending time with his girlfriend.

Marlon Berg
Marlon Berg

Software Developer

Living in Gießen, Marlon enjoys the diverse nightlife of the bustling university town. As a musician, he enjoys jamming with others and going to concerts and festivals.

Rene Vincenzo Di Carlo

Head of Support & Commercial Systems

Life is Dynamic. Rene lives in the heart of Europe and enjoys digging his Nose into History. Gaming, art, cooking, outdoors, and building model ships count also as his hobbies. Good food is also something he can never turn down as an offer.

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Cutting-edge products
Streamline workflows
Adaptable to changing industries
Experiment with new ideas
Rapid paced development
Growth through pushing boundaries
lightbulb-on 1
Open minded
Collaboration and creativity.
Embracing diversity and inclusivity
Solutions for different industries.

Grow a Tree

For every new team member we donate 10 trees to our partner ‘Grow My Tree’

Social Support

We are supporting the Tafel Potsdam e. V.

Green Office

We think before we print, we separate waste

Why we are here

Leon Schäfer
"It is simply inspiring to work at CI HUB. People are the focus here and everyone who wants to can develop their full potential. The combination of brilliant ideas, and young and experienced employees at eye level makes working here a real feel-good place."

Leon Schäfer

Nick Stein
"I have lived the pain that we are trying to solve as a marketing consultant for many companies. Making the work of the Brand and Marketing team quickly accessible is a godsend to build a strong brand. The people are kind, and understanding, and get/put up with my humor. All three are huge for me to have a successful working environment."

Nick Stein

"Working at CI HUB is like discovering the perfect puzzle piece for a complex digital world. As the Sales Director, I relish the opportunity to be part of a team that's not just building bridges but crafting seamless tunnels in the digital landscape. CI HUB isn't a tech company; it's a magician's toolkit, conjuring solutions to sync the dissonant notes of the digital symphony. We're not just streamlining processes; we're conducting a symphony, ensuring that each instrument plays in harmony. It's about transforming chaos into orchestration, and we're here to lead the band."

Temor Aziz

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Current Vacancies
Senior Software Developer at CI HUB (m/f/d)

CI HUB is the leading digital asset aggregator, enabling you to work smarter and more seamlessly without hopping between business applications. The philosophy behind CI ...

Frankfurt Germany
Remote Yes
Business and Partner Affairs Associate

CI HUB is the leading digital asset aggregator and aims to eliminate hopping between business applications. The CI HUB Connector allows you to access all your photos, ...

Frankfurt Germany
Remote Yes

Interview Tips

  • Submit CV and portfolio. 
  • We review for fit and if so, we discuss internally 
  • Phone call to assess if a team interview will be required 
  • Assignment 
  • We do a reference check 
  • Offer or feedback for the candidate
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