CI HUB Connector PRO for PowerPoint.

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The CI HUB Connector PRO – Creating, managing, and updating PowerPoint presentations has never been easier.

  • Browse out-of-the-box in 60+ leading DAM, PIM, Cloud Storage, Stock Provider, and Work-Management systems.
  • Import Slides and Slide Layouts into your presentation
  • Apply Themes to your presentation
  • Merge and replace functions for Slide Master
  • Merge and replace functions for Handouts and Notes
  • Drag & Drop Images and Metadata into your slide or templates
  • Use the rendition feature to place Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator files
  • Use Low Res Images to optimize the file size of your presentation
  • Save your PowerPoint file into your connected DAM, PIM or Cloud Storage System - right as you edit it - without manual upload
  • Create versions of your document while editing - no boring and time-consuming check-in
  • Place text from metadata via Drag & Drop
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