CI HUB Connector for Sketch.

Prototyping with in-app access to asset storages.

CI HUB Connector for Sketch
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The CI HUB Connector enhances Sketch by interfacing DAM, PIM, Cloud Storages and Stock Providers with read and write functions.

  • Browse DAM, MAM, PIM, Cloud Storage, Stock Provider, Work-Management within Sketch
  • Drag & Drop Images, icons or graphics into your design or into your predefined frames
  • Switch between multiple renditions for placing low-res images or document covers
  • Full control over versions, availability and source systems for placed images via the Check-Panel
  • Drag & Drop Metadata content into your design - including custom metadata
  • Upload selected assets from Sketch into your DAM or Cloud Storages
  • Have a great Unsplash-Connection with search, filter and preview functions and direct placing features
  • Simultaneous connection to Work-Management Systems like Adobe Workfront or Asana
Out of the box:

Connect to 60+ best in class DAM, PIM, Cloud Storage, and Stock Providers

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