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PowerPoint: the digital asset vantage point.

Unleash your creativity with one simple, dynamic integration platform.

Integrating the CI HUB Connector into your favorite applications is so simple!

Our PowerPoint Integration allows you to access presentations and templates within your favorite tools, making it easy for you to simultaneously manage multiple projects.

At CI HUB, we know how much being interrupted or distracted while creating content or designs negatively impacts the creative train of thought. That is why we integrated our Connector into Microsoft PowerPoint. Now you can stay in your creative workflow without distractions or periodic window hopping. 

logos--powerpoint What is PowerPoint?

Microsoft PowerPoint, sometimes abbreviated as PP or PPT, is a slideshow presentation program that belongs to the Microsoft 365 Suite, but can also be purchased separately.

The program comes with all the features you need to create eye-catching presentations. You can either modify a template or manually create a new one.

With PowerPoint, you can add text, insert and edit images or videos, add music and animations to your presentation, and much more. The built-in toolset comes in handy for simple tasks such as outlining, drawing, or creating charts; all of which provide a unique opportunity to express your creativity in a slideshow.

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PowerPoint Integration

  • The CI HUB Connector simplifies the use of Microsoft PowerPoint in your workflow.
  • With our add-in, you can connect Microsoft PowerPoint to 60+ leading systems. This supports you in becoming more efficient and frees up more time to focus on what is important. 
  • The Connector enables everyone in your team to access PowerPoint files from within their favorite supported application. That way, both you and your team can easily work on a presentation together while using different tools. This makes it easy to streamline workflows, enhance the creative process, and ultimately increase your ROI.
CI HUB Connector for PowerPoint
Unlimited creativity
PowerPoint is a robust and easy-to-use presentation software with minimal creative limits and endless design possibilities. With the CI HUB Connector, you can create different versions of your presentation while editing, which allows you to adapt the content to your liking.
Browsing made easy
The CI HUB Connector can be used to access any supported work management system or browse DAM, MAM, PIM, cloud storage, and stock provider workflows — all within PowerPoint. This way, you have instant access to all your presentations and creative content in one place.
Drag & Drop
With the CI HUB add-in, you can simply drag & drop text from metadata or images into your slideshow or into preset templates.
Rendition feature
This feature allows you to insert original Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator files into your PowerPoint presentation, thereby simplifying the editing process. If you need to adjust the file size, you can convert images to low resolution, which will optimize the loading time of your presentation.
No more manual uploads
Save your PowerPoint file into any connected PIM, DAM, or cloud storage system without manual file uploads. This also allows you to easily access the documents on your computer, tablet, or phone within a preferred application.
Great teamwork
Our Connector enables you to link teams together by granting them access to presentation files in any supported tool of their choice. This prevents the necessity for companies to store large amounts of content on different systems and ensures that content production continues on the fly.

Use Cases

We've designed our CI HUB Connector with a unified user interface and context-sensitive functions, so it is easy for everyone to use.

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Use Cases 2

The extension can be quickly installed and seamlessly integrated into your existing environment with no coding or special IT knowledge needed.

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Use Cases 3

The add-in processes high ranges of data which allows for automated updates, access token refreshing, and Identity Access Management built on OKTA®. Our tool meets all the requirements of enterprise IT.

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Use Cases 4

CI HUB is trusted by brands worldwide, as we offer a high level of security for your data and comply with all important data privacy regulations.

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Adobe Creative Cloud
InDesign, InCopy, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro and After Effects.
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Google Workspace
Google Docs, Google Slides and Google Sheets.
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Microsoft 365
Word, Excel, Outlook and SharePoint.
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Content Management Systems
HubSpot CMS, Joomla and WordPress.
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Figma and Sketch

What is the CI HUB Connector?

CI HUB simplifies workflows in marketing, sales, and documentation. But what make our Connector unique? The CI HUB Connector facilitates direct access to digital assets within 17 applications.

Although it is only a simple add-in, it is tremendously beneficial for increased productivity. The automated transfer of data to and from systems within the app allows you to focus on important tasks and create better content with improved accuracy.

CI HUB connects your preferred application to any supported digital asset management system, work management system, or cloud service of your choice. With the Connector, you can stay in sync with your asset database and access projects and documents from anywhere. Likewise, you can easily make your content available for company-wide use by saving it to any source system.



Realize your full potential.

Does having just one access to your digital asset ecosystem seem impossible? Don't worry, at CI HUB, we made it possible!

Interconnectivity at its finest.

We created a simple solution that only requires one plugin for multiple connections: it is an easy-to-use platform and a way for you to access all your favorite content and work projects in one place.

Let your work flow.

Our affordable tool enables you to establish a better return on investment, which promotes efficiency and encourages you to stay on track. With it, you can focus on what matters most – creating great content.

CI HUB. One simple access to all your Microsoft 365 products and more.

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