New Features

In this new series, we would like to inform you regularly about new features that are now available in the CI HUB Connector.

These features result from requests from CI HUB users and are included as a global function.

Your CI HUB team.

Monitor the effective ppi

Question: I am placing images from the DAM directly into the layout via CI HUB Connector. Can I check the effective ppi of the placed images within CI HUB?
I need at least 300 ppi resolution!

Answer: Yes, you can.

Details: Get the PDF or watch the video.

Clear temporary cache

Question: How can I clean up the temporary cache and be sure not to accidentally remove modified files that have not yet been saved to my DAM or cloud storage?

Answer: CI HUB has developed a clever solution to get an overview of files that you may have modified but have not yet been saved on your target system (DAM, cloud storage, etc.). That helps make your DAM the “single source of truth”.

Details: Get the PDF or watch the video.

Dynamic custom metadata

Question: Can I display and use customized metadata from my source system in the CI HUB Connector in addition to the standard metadata?

Answer: Yes - CI HUB has the right solution for this. Metadata fields are now “grouped” in areas (Basic, XMP, EXIF, IPTC, and Custom). The display of metadata content is dynamic. No content - no show.

And, of course: You can drag and drop customized metadata content into your layout or pre-formatted text frames.

Details: Get the PDF or watch the video.

Note: This feature depends on the capabilities of the particular API. Please contact your DAM provider for details.