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Under the title "It just works", our video tutorials will guide you through a daily production routine with the CI HUB Connector and ultimately support you in streamlining your work.

Meet the author, Christian Denzler

"Creating knowledge and enabling people is my credo."
Christian Denzler runs the platform DenzlerMedia, which strives toward its goals of:

  • Creating knowledge
  • Imparting that knowledge so you can get ahead
  • Creating content and presenting it in the best way possible, i.e., creating beautiful layouts for print, web, or social media

Christian Denzler originally graduated as a media designer, but has instead been working in the field of database-driven and digital publishing for years. He has gained his experience in premedia companies, printing houses, and advertising agencies. He is the author of the CI HUB Connector User Guide and the manual: "Affinity Publisher - Das umfassende Handbuch" released by Rheinwerk Publishing.

Denzler is looking forward to collaborating with the CI HUB team to introduce you to the CI HUB Connector through a series of simple video tutorials.

Creating semi-automated print products with the CI HUB Connector and Adobe Data Merge

In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how you can easily create semi-automated print products using the CI HUB Connector, a cloud storage of your choice, and the data merge function of Adobe InDesign. We will begin by creating a simple business card, then progress to a more complex brochure with individual product cards using the data merge. By the end of the video tutorial, you will have gained key insights into the effective use of this function. The example templates shown are provided by CI HUB free of charge, so that you can recreate and practice the entire exercise.

Download the assets here.

It just works – Episode 1

How does it work?

The whole experience is just as easy and quick as it is working with the CI HUB Connector:

  1. Download the templates and working files

  2. Watch the tutorial

  3. Recreate it yourself

This section is intended to complement our CI HUB Academy and offer quick and easy everyday tips on the subject. Have fun with it and let us know about your experience.