Wrap up of the Adobe MAX 2023 event

WOW! What an event, there are so many highlights from Adobe and all their different products.

CI HUB was attending Adobe MAX 2023 together with Fadel

This really lived up to its billing as one of the must-attend events for the creative world and of course, AI was front and center…more about that later.

We would like to take the time to thank all of the visitors to the booth, it was really amazing to hear how the CI HUB Connector is helping you.

Thanks as well to all the people who signed up for our virtual booth and our session, what a lively Q&A session!

We were really humbled by the feedback and the love from users, partners, and everyone that we got the chance to interact with.

Now to the CI HUB booth at Adobe MAX

We created a video wall where we were able to really show off what we could do. For the simplicity of our plugin, we have many use cases that need visual explanation, and this video wall was perfect for this.

The CI HUB session at Adobe MAX

We had such a fun time planning, writing, and filming this and we are sure that came across from the interactions and feedback we got. We really focused on all the problems we solve and the pain that users have trying to solve the problems without us. Why not watch it to see for yourself:

Here are the topics that we covered:

  • Sharing creative work, everywhere with everyone
  • Organize and controll your versions
  • Adapt and simplify
  • Push, share and save time
  • Unify tools to boost creativity
  • Check, link and er-link your assets
  • Master your presentations
  • Unleash your creativity
  • Introducing the CI HUB Connector Corporate

If you want to hear about the other storyboards that we had and could not use as we couldn’t keep a straight face while in the planning session, just reach out to us. They involved costumes.

Let’s hear from the team who were in LA

"It was my first time at MAX and it was fantastic event. I really loved talking to the users and potential users for CI HUB and to get their direct feedback."  -  Temor Aziz, Director of Enterprise Sales at CI HUB
“I love this event, being in a room with creative people is always a thrill. For all the people who heard about the CI HUB Connector for the first time, it was great to see their faces as they reached the Aha moment. I cannot wait to be back” – Gerd Glaser, Head of Customer Success at CI HUB
AXICA Berlin
AXICA Berlin
AXICA Berlin
AXICA Berlin
AXICA Berlin
AXICA Berlin

Final thoughts

“Adobe really did a great job, and what they presented was fantastic. This really is one of the highlights of the Creative calendar. We had the chance to strengthen further our connections with the entire organization, which is great. You may have also seen, that the team also got us #4 on Product Hunt for our Adobe Express connector during the event! We cannot wait until next year." Andreas Michalski, CEO & Founder of CI HUB

Remember if you are a partner of ours, please reach out to us about the events that we will be going to in 2024 to see if we can attend together.

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