Adobe Express Product Hunt, when 4th feels like 1st

What a crazy experience a Product Hunt launch is!

We put our most recent connector for Adobe Express live on Product Hunt yesterday and it was a wild ride.

The platform has changed a bit since my last big launch and now you have a period of time where you cannot see the votes that you have gotten.
There was also a small thing going on in the background, being Gold Sponsors at Adobe MAX so it was a full schedule.

Why did we launch on Product Hunt?

We are traditionally in the B2B space with our connectors, but Adobe Express has a bit of a different focus, at least at this point. It is much more of a “Creator” platform for quick and quirky designs with Adobe Firefly integrated to enjoy the benefits of AI. This is then a similar audience as the Product Hunt audience and therefore we wanted to test something out.

The result

Well, the header graphic sort of ruined this but not totally. Yes we got #4 Product of the Day, something that the entire team can be very proud of. But…but it gets a little better when you dig deeper.

Product Hunt is a platform that benefits hugely with hype areas such as Crypto, NFTs, and currently AI. When these waves of hype are in full flow, going against them and winning is not an easy task. The three launches, deservedly ahead of us, were are AI products.

So we can take a lighthearted victory lap as the #1 non-AI product of the day.

A huge thanks

First of all, I would like to thank the Dev team for making such a great product, which everyone who uses it loves. The CI HUB team in general, for pushing so hard to get 4th. The CI HUB community for supporting us. This was a great ride!

Remember, this was about the CI HUB Connector for Adobe Express but if you are interested in other Connections please contact our team our keep up to date with everything CI HUB related with our Newsletter.

Adobe Express Connector by CI HUB - Adobe Express+CI HUB Connector rapid content creation | Product Hunt

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Nick Stein

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