Highlights from CI HUB at DAM New York 2023

DAM NY! What an event.

20 years in the making but worth every minute.

From the CI HUB perspective we started the event, like we always do, with a CI HUB Sales Club dinner and it was AMAZING!

This time we co-hosted with our friends Comwrap Reply and this just added to it all.

Typical for our Sales Club events, the food and drinks were top notch, but nothing in comparison to the people that joined.

It's always great to see people from companies, that they would normally classify as competitors, all enjoying a good time and talking up a storm.

Thanks to all the people who joined us and special thanks to Timur Asar and the Comwrap Reply team.


As I said before, we had a booth and this was a first for us at DAM NY and it did give a focal point. We know that through the CI HUB Connector and our Sales Club we are quite well known in this circle, but it was great to have a "Homebase" to give visitors a a place to come and talk to us.

We joined a few sessions but generally were having a lot of talks at our booth. One topic came up a lot and this is actually the topic of our next webinar with our friends at Sitecore. Join here to find out more

We showed the future

Yes, that title is correct, we showed the future of DAM and asset access/management in general. The interest and excitement level that was shown really shows that we are on to something here, if you want to know more we are hosting an event "Outlook 24" Berlin on the 16-17th November reach out to join us.

This is very exciting and well worth the trip!

If you want to reach out the team just email them here

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Nick Stein

CMO, Chief Marketing Officer Nick Stein has 20+ years experience in Marketing which includes managing the Manchester United sponsorship. For the past 15 years he has been a Marketing consultant guiding start ups at various stages to exist, mergers and funding rounds. He is also an experienced founder with an exit behind him with OnePlayerDown.