CI HUB is a proud sponsor of Adobe Summit 2024

The future of experience starts at Adobe Summit 2024, the digital experience conference that takes place in Las Vegas, March 26 - 28

CI HUB is attending Adobe Summit 2024 as a sponsor

Don't miss the chance to learn from global innovators across industries and connect with creative leaders. While you are there discover the latest in GenAI, personalization at scale, and modular content...this is just from what Adobe is presenting.

Come to booth #686 and witness a world-first... Adobe AEM accessible through a desktop MacOS Finder & Microsoft Explorer. Accessing AEM Assets is now easy and intuitive. Meet Gerd Glaser, CSO and Andreas Michalski, Founder and CEO of CI HUB onsite and have the chance to get insights about our hot topics:

... and last but not least: Remember to grab a cool set of CI HUB playing cards, only available at our booth!

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March 25, Preconference

March 26 - 28, Las Vegas and online

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Save US$200 with the CI HUB code S24SPMK

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Gerd Glaser

CSO, Chief Sales OfficerGerd Glaser has 25 years of experience in the marketing and communications industry. He has worked as a founder and managing director of agencies and as an external consultant for leading companies. He has extensive knowledge of digital asset management, workflow management and is an expert on Adobe products.