CI HUB Press

On this page you will find some information, pictures and logos of CI HUB which are released for public relations.

CI HUB Description

CI HUB Connector for Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office

CI HUB is the leading platform to connect brand assets living within various asset repositories to native creative apps.

The philosophy behind CI HUB Connector for Adobe Creative Cloud  and Microsoft Office is to connect you with data domains throughout your marketing ecosystems. The CI HUB Connector is an In-app single source of access.

Our portfolio of data domain partners covers both on-premise and cloud-hosted solutions with data models for DAM, MAM, PIM, MDM, or CMS. In addition to marketing data solutions, we also connect to stock providers and cloud storage services.

CI HUB creates the best possible connection, and we are always motivated by our customers to deliver seamless access. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, or Adobe Premiere Pro. And also in Microsoft PowerPoint, Outlook, Word, and Excel.

CI HUB Logos


CI HUB Founders

(Image 01)

CI HUB Founders

(Image 02)


Andreas Michalski



Jörg Seidler



Jasper Ullrich


Adobe Creative Cloud Product Pictures

Adobe CC Multi Connector Panel
Adobe CC Connector List-view with Sort Function
CI HUB Connector Filter function
Adobe CC Connector Filter Function
CI HUB Connector Linkpanel
Adobe CC Connector Linkpanel
Adobe CC Connector Similarity Search
CI HUB Connector Detailview with drag and drop metadata
Adobe CC Connector Detailview with Drag and Drop Metadata

Microsoft Product Pictures

CI HUB Microsoft Connector PPT Preview and Open Function
Microsoft Connector PPT-Preview and Open Function
CI HUB Microsoft Connector Multi Connections
Microsoft Connector Multi Connections
CI HUB Microsoft Connector Search Function
Microsoft Connector Search Function
CI HUB Microsoft Connector Filter Functions
Microsoft Connector Filter Functions
CI HUB Microsoft Connector Word
CI HUB Asset Connector Word