CI HUB Connector for Microsoft 365

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But till today, one of the issues was how to integrate e.g. SharePoint or OneDrive into the existing environment. How to integrate all Teams, how to enable the different agencies with there needs for Tools like Adobe InDesign, PhotoShop, Illustrator, InCopy, PremierePro or After Effects.

Now there is a solution that your customer will love, that will offer you to deliver solutions and services that help creating successful customers and grow your business.
CI HUB delivers an unique Solution that works as Add-in or InApp Solution for all relevant applications your customer needs.

With this step, we have not only expanded our great product with technical components. Rather, we have brought an excellent and innovative mindset to life and made it a reality.

As a result, we can offer our more than 10.000 users a real increase in efficiency and effectiveness in their daily projects.

In the future, our partners will be able to map new business models and open up new markets. We are particularly pleased about this. Because that is actually what we have always wanted. Bringing great ideas to life, implementing them and giving them to our partners, who in turn use them to convince their customers and win them over.”

The in-app connectivity is available for Microsoft 365, Adobe CreativeCloud, and Google Workspace as well as for Figma, Sketch and WordPress and is growing from day to day.

With CI HUB, you can provide a proven, stable, and scalable solution for everyone in the customer's organization. Feature-rich access to Microsoft Sharepoint or OneDrive within the applications, greatly simplifies collaboration.



Reduce the workload of your customer's team by up to 40%with the CI HUB Connector


  • Place images, graphics and text within the application via Drag & Drop
  • Bring tasks and content together - within any application
  • Work on tasks in context to your work - never leave your work interface
  • Access Sharepoint, OneDrive or any other 3rd party system
  • If you are using Work-Management Systems... Comment tasks and set status
  • Search for tasks, images, text, or videos - within the app you’re currently in
  • Manage content from 3rd party systems within Sharepoint
  • One-Stop-Check within Sharepoint for availability, versions, licences etc.
  • No more jumping back and forth - stay focused on your work
  • Use the hidden benefits of your connected system like Full-Text-Search, Renditions, etc.
  • No downloads or other manual tasks necessary to create your document
CI HUB for Microsoft 365 Goal 02
Reduce your integration effort Get into Production Mode within Minutes


  • Separate the Management-Layer and the Presentation-Layer
  • Use the ready to go connection in CI HUB to more than 60 worldwide leading system - no invest in 3rd party API
  • One plugin for 17 of the worldwide leading applications
  • No effort in managing roles and rights - it is included
  • No matter if your team member uses Adobe Creative Cloud Applications, Microsoft 365 Applications, Google Workspace Apps, Figma, Sketch or WordPress
  • One consistent tool with one easy to use interface
  • Your maintenance goes to zero - CI HUB is doing maintenance
  • Updates are done automatically
  • In case of DAM Provider change - check our available connections
CI HUB for Microsoft 365 what we do

The Challenge

  • Decrease costs for maintaining siloed data
  • Reduce effort for training and support
  • Have a full control over your digital images and content
  • Ensure compliance and digital rights

Microsoft 365 - The Challenge


CI HUB for Microsoft 365

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CI HUB Connector for SharePoint.

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