Wrap up of the HSEvents Webinar 'Uncovering the Hidden Stakeholders of Your DAM'

On the 20th September CI HUB hosted a webinar with guest speakers from Sitecore. It was a lively talk about a topic that peeked a lot of interest which was evident from the Q&A section

Uncovering the Hidden Stakeholders of Your DAM: A New Perspective on Digital Asset Management

Guest speakers from Sitecore, Lovisa Eriksson, Product Management and Petar Mitev, Technical Product Marketer joined Andreas Michalski, CEO at CI HUB to talk about making DAM a companywide asset.

The topics discussed

  • Stakeholder buy-in and management,
  • Who needs access to the DAM
  • The genesis of silos in organizations
  • Crossing the silo: an integrated approach
  • The role of CI HUB in DAM evolution
  • DAM beyond marketing: The case for a Content Hub

A great point made by Lovisa was that the DAM journey starts in marketing/brand, but the reach is companywide. She mentioned a few departments that are accessing or should access a DAM for the DAM to be successful. External agencies, merchandisers, IT, Design and Product development, Packaging, PR, HR, Legal, Customer Success, to name a few.

Another great point

Put yourself in the users’ shoes, what does success look like for each type of stakeholder. A DAM is not a toy, it is an asset that, when implemented correctly and with the correct way to access it, it can drive your brand to new heights.

The flow of content

Petar talked about the touch points and the various systems that are involved in content creation. This included content delivery systems as diverse as IoT and content sources from cloud to PIM. This is not as simple as A to B.

The art of the DAM is to make every interaction for “casual user” feel like it is as simple as A to B. With the right implementation and the correct access, your company can have a real advantage.

“Not everyone needs to have daily access to the DAM, but everyone needs to stay on brand.“

The recording


A DAM good opportunity

Andreas talked about the about how accessing the DAM should be child’s play and that is the key to getting DAM as a central business asset.

There was also a sneak peek into what is to come but for that you will have to watch the recording.

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Article by
Nick Stein

CMO, Chief Marketing Officer Nick Stein has 20+ years experience in Marketing which includes managing the Manchester United sponsorship. For the past 15 years he has been a Marketing consultant guiding start ups at various stages to exist, mergers and funding rounds. He is also an experienced founder with an exit behind him with OnePlayerDown.