Recording of the HSE Webinar 'Leveraging the Power of AEM Assets within your Corporate Applications'

Are you an Adobe Experience Cloud user and putting too much effort into using your AEM assets in Office 365, Google Workspace, and SharePoint? Stop looking for answers and get the solution to your problem directly from the experts.

On the 21st of February, Andreas Michalski, CEO at CI HUB and Gerd Glaser, Head of Customer Success along with Elliot Sedegah, Director, Strategy & Product Marketing at Adobe hosted a very interesting Henry Stewart Webinar, titled “Leveraging the Power of AEM Assets within your Corporate Applications – Office 365, Google Workspace, SharePoint, and many more”.


The topics discussed in the webinar:


  • Adobe's view on the positioning of Asset Link and the CI HUB Connector
  • Why is the CI HUB Connector the easy out of the Box Solution for any AEM Asses user
  • How to use the CI HUB Connector the easy, secure, and Enterprise ready setup and use
  • How sales and marketing collaborate in a new and efficient way
  • New ways to efficiently use AEM Assets in Powerpoint and collaboration between InDesign, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro
  • Take part in the early access program and test it free and easy

We are going to be at the Adobe Summit in Las Vegas on March 21-23 where you can meet AndreasGerd, or Richard 

Alternatively, sign up to our in person Sales Club event in Las Vegas to find out about all the AEM and CI HUB advantages in person.


Watch the recording



Questions and answers

Does CI Hub connect to Dynamic Media to get Image Presets ?
Do you support Dymanic Media and Smart Cropped renditions?
SDK = Software Development Kit, basically tools to help AEM customers create "picker" integrations with AEM from various 3rd party tools/applications? Is this already available? 

As of now, the Dynamic Media Solution has not been integrated. 
But as part of further development, this is an option we would love to consider.
As Early User, you have the option to share feedback, requirements, and wishes.
This will be important for us to evaluate further enhancements.

Does CI-HUB replace Adobe Asset Link, or do they work together?
Will the Connector replace the AEM Assets Desktop tool?

No, CI HUB will not replace Asset Link, and will not change our Adobe approach to enhance the standard delivery of Asset Link.
Adobes' approach to delivering an even deeper integration of AEM Assets in the core products will not be lowered.
But we see CI HUB as an easy, out-of-the-box extension into the Corporates ecosystem, and this is a perfect option for our customers.

Will we be able to see the references to the PPTX in AEM references panel? Does the asset need to be published?
How is usage tracked (what assets are being accessed/used, by what users, in what applications)? 
Is AEM metadata shown in the CI Hub tool? Like usage rights/restrictions?

This function is not part of the early release. But if we see this as a requirement and as feedback from users and customers, we will consider this.
In general, CI HUB is already offering this capability in other environments, so it would be natural to also support this.
Please register as early user and share your feedback.

How can you define rules and rights for users? e.g., how can a user edit an asset (image or movie) and overwrite it on DAM?

Our DAM has restricted content - can we get the CI HUB plugin to show/hide content based on a user's DAM access?
Great answers, thank you  :) One final one on permissions would our upload/update/publish permissions also apply (restrict users from publishing if they don't have access)

CI HUB is transparent to the System it connects to.
This includes all rights, permissions, or other centrally configured permissions.
This gives the customers the assurance that CI HUB is compliant with your data and security protocols and requirements.
CI HUB is using an OKTA IAM Solution to comply with corporate infrastructures.
CI HUB is built with corporate requirements in security, data protection, and sense of administration in mind.

If you have multiple DAMs can you search across those DAMs at the same time?

This is not publicly avail as of today. 
Please share your opinion on this feature as part of the early access.

I joined a little late, our team has a powerpoint of 300+ slides in AEM; I was wondering if CI HUB plugin allows to include specific slide to a new powerpoint document?

YES, this is one of the cool functions that we offer as part of the CI HUB Connector Pro for MS Powerpoint.
With the Pro Connector AEM Assets will transform into the most powerful Slides repository for an organization.
We provide special Videos and documentation on the CI HUB Connector PRO features on our website.
Look at it, you will love it :-)

Does CI-Hub text search also search metadata of a file or just filename?

YES, CI HUB supports all capabilities of AEM Assets via seamless API Integration. So via the Search Api we support all available search results.
Also, all results are compliant with the given security model of AEM Assets.

We are currently testing CI Hub, I don't see how to link to AEM

This is correct. We are offering a "Early access" for registerd users within the next weeks.
To see and use the AEM Early access, you will need to register.
If you subscribed to the Webinar watch out for the invitation and the provided link.

Also does CI-Hub store any temp files locally or are they placed from the DAM, AEM, etc?
Does this actually download the asset into the presentation/application OR create a live link to AEM (where if the asset was updated in AEM, the updated one would be reflected in the application without actions needed from the user)?

CI HUB is fully compatible with the Business application within it is used. This seat, this also includes the way on how the Business application handles the access to the "asset" used. Some programs can use links or store the used asset as part of the document structure. We offer very detailed information about this topic on our Website and within our YouTube channel. Please visit and get every detail you like to have.

Is there support for adding metadata through CIHUB for AEM Assets?

This is not publicly avail as of today. 
Please share your opinion on this feature as part of the Early access.

Will this work with an on premise AEM or only AEM CS?

As of now we support AEM Assets Cloud Service and Asset essentials. 
We are considering also offer on prem Versions and Versions below Version 6.5.
Please share your opinion on this feature as part of the Early access.



If you are interested in getting early access to the CI HUB Connector for AEM Assets, fill in the form below to sign up


Requirements: AEM Assets Cloud Services or AEM Assets Essentials


Article by
Andreas Michalski

CEO & Founder of CI HUBAs Managing Director and Head of Sales, Andreas Michalski sold the company iBrams GmbH & Co KG, which he founded, to the French company Wedia SA in 2017. The company developed a Marketing W2P solution for international companies such as Deutsche Bahn, Fresenius, BMW, Continental, Estee Lauder, and Apple.