HSEvents Webinar 'Adobe Summit 2024' and the DAM industry

On the 11th of April 2024, CI HUB hosted another insightful HSEvents Webinar titled 'Adobe Summit ’24: What we learned and why it is important for the DAM industry'. Find out how the CI HUB team will merge the Summit’24 trends into product development for the benefit of the entire DAM community.

Adobe Summit ’24: What we learned and why it is important for the DAM industry

Adobe Summit 2024 took place in Las Vegas, March 26 - 28, and allowed learning from global innovators across industries and connecting with creative leaders. CI HUB attended Adobe Summit 2024 as a proud sponsor

The hot topics of scaling content, increasing velocity of production, and the ever-present GenAI; will be part of almost every session at Adobe Summit. As we are already masters at making Adobe files usable with the click of a button in Microsoft, Google, Figma, etc. this will be a great webinar about the future of content production across an organization.



Andreas Michalski
Andreas Michalski
CEO and founder of CI HUB
Gerd Glaser
Chief Sales Officer of CI HUB

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Gerd Glaser

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