Highlights from DAM Europe 2023

DAM Europe 2023 brought together industry leaders and experts in Digital Asset Management, providing a platform to explore the future of DAM, exchange knowledge, and unlock new possibilities. Participants discovered the transformative power of DAM and gained cutting-edge insights that propelled their organizations forward.

Highlights from DAM Europe 2023


Another DAM Europe has been and gone, can you believe it! The team at Henry Stewart put on another great event that was filled with amazing speakers. And, as has become tradition, CI HUB put on one of their amazing Sales Club networking dinners 

The talks ranged from how to get buy in from your executive team to actually purchase a DAM to tips on Metadata and everything in between. Though the presentations are great, it is the networking that is the main focus for most of the exhibitors. Here, also, the event didn't disappoint, below are just a few highlight photos. 

From our CSO Colin Nimsz here are a couple of highlights:

  • The topic of increasing corporate usage of their DAM, how to engage and drive such usage and education, why the importance of using a DAM will increase.
  • How AI will rely on and become an important interactive piece of the environment, especially as a DAM is both a source and destination for AI systems.
  • The industry is still growing and educating corporate players on importance and usage remains a constant test of diligence even after a DAM is installed.

How to organize and optimize your DAM was a big focus as this is a key part of usability. There were also a lot of one on one discussions about the users/consumers/creators of the content in the DAM, wirth the idea that a track with a focus on that might be worthwhile, at the next big DAM event.

Talking about the next DAM Event, we cannot wait to see you at DAM NYC September 14 - 15, 2023. They are celebrating their 20th Anniversary and we will be there.

If you are interested, the Sales club dinner was at The Churchill Bar & Terrace


Watch the video of the Pre-DAM Europe Sales Club Dinner


Networking dinner before DAM Europe 2023
Pre DAM Europe 2023 dinner
Pre DAM Europe 2023 dinner hosted by CI-HUB
Dam Europe 2023 networking dinner
Reply comwrap at CI-HUB networking dinner
DAM Europe 2023 dinner
CI-HUB pre DAM Europe dinner
CI-HUB at Pre DAM Europe 2023 networking dinner
How to measure user experience success
DAM Europe dining with friends
Acquia CI HUB DAM Europe
CI HUB Censhare DAM Europe
Adobe and CI HUB DAM Europe
Acquia and CI HUB

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