Adobe Express Connector now on Product Hunt

On the 11th October, we are going to put our Adobe Express connector on Product Hunt during the Adobe MAX conference in LA.

Why are we doing a Product Hunt for the Adobe Express connector

Our development team has put in a huge amount of effort and worked really closely with the Adobe team to make the best connector for Adobe Express. So because of that we are making sure that as many people get to see this as possible and the audience from Product Hunt is very close to that for Adobe Express.

Launching at Adobe MAX

We want to harness the premier creator event from Adobe to run this launch as, as stated above, the audiences have a very similar profile. So the launch will be happening all day on the 11th of October and if you want to support us, you can upvote and comment all day on the 11th or pre-register here.  The goal is to be the product of the day.

Support from the partners

When we connect to a new program, Express in this case, our entire network of partners have the advantage of being connected to that program as well.

On a recent call with a new partner there were extremely excited about being connected as they said “We know that quality of the CI HUB Connector and now our customers have the advantage of a direct access to Adobe Express at the click of a button”.

Remember, the more people that see our launch, the better.

Vote, Comment and share with your networks. That is how it will be possible to get Product of the Day.

If that is achieved, next would be Product of the Week and Product of the Month.

With each achievement, the CI HUB Connector for Adobe Express would be featured in the Product Hunt newsletter and further increase the exposure.

A little reminder of what you are voting for

Take a look on our previous article where we introduced the CI HUB Connector for Adobe Express!

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Nick Stein

CMO, Chief Marketing Officer Nick Stein has 20+ years experience in Marketing which includes managing the Manchester United sponsorship. For the past 15 years he has been a Marketing consultant guiding start ups at various stages to exist, mergers and funding rounds. He is also an experienced founder with an exit behind him with OnePlayerDown.