Recording of the HSEvents Webinar 'Uncovering the Hidden Stakeholders of Your DAM'

On the 20th September CI HUB hosted a webinar with guest speakers from Sitecore. It was a lively talk about a topic that peeked a lot of interest which was evident from the Q&A section

Uncovering the Hidden Stakeholders of Your DAM: A New Perspective on Digital Asset Management

Guest speakers from Sitecore, Lovisa Eriksson, Product Management and Petar Mitev, Technical Product Marketer joined Andreas Michalski, CEO at CI HUB to talk about making DAM a companywide asset.

The topics discussed

  • Stakeholder buy-in and management,
  • Who needs access to the DAM
  • The genesis of silos in organizations
  • Crossing the silo: an integrated approach
  • The role of CI HUB in DAM evolution
  • DAM beyond marketing: The case for a Content Hub

The summary blog is available here