CI HUB takes part at the OnDAM Paris 2022 as a platinum sponsor

Andreas Michalski, CEO of CI HUB GmbH is talking about CI HUBS' Platinum Sponsorship for the OnDAM Paris 2022.

On Tuesday 29th and Wednesday 30th November 2022, Activo will launch the second version of the first DAM conference in France with a large panel of customers, experts and partners. OnDAM is gathering the best in class of DAM expertises, customers from a large range of vertical markets and vendors.

OnDAM brings all together an outstanding experience for any customers searching the right path to DAM systems from deep dive knowledge and the art of best practices to selection with the best roi. During 2 days customers and experts will share there experience through conferences, workshops, design thinking sessions from metadata, rights, AI, rich media, ecosystem, workflows, kpi. OnDAM this is the best of brands, retailers, government organizations, museums, photographers and agencies at the heart of Paris.

Article by
Andreas Michalski

CEO & Founder of CI HUBAs Managing Director and Head of Sales, Andreas Michalski sold the company iBrams GmbH & Co KG, which he founded, to the French company Wedia SA in 2017. The company developed a Marketing W2P solution for international companies such as Deutsche Bahn, Fresenius, BMW, Continental, Estee Lauder, and Apple.