One access
to your
digital asset

Leading international Brands trust CI HUB.

We didn’t want to invent a new platform, we created a way to access all other platforms.


No matter what.

CI HUB supports an endless variety of asset types: Images, Videos, Layout Files, Metatexts – in short: If it is supported by your asset location, CI HUB will support it too.


No matter where.

No matter where your data is located, with CI HUB you get instant access to it, even if your assets are scattered over several locations. CI HUB virtually centralizes your assets, so you feel like you are working with just one central pool.


No matter how.

CI HUB supports every popular application for being creative or productive: Besides Adobe Cloud-, Microsoft 365- and Google Workspace-apps, it also supports Figma and Sketch. But it gets even better – CI HUB also supports Content Management Systems like Wordpress, HubSpot CMS and Joomla.

Core features.



With data domains and asset libraries throughout your marketing ecosystems is the philosophy behind CI HUB Connector.



Simplify the navigation of your digital assets stored on intelligent data domains, right inside your preferred creative application.


Search + filter.

Uniform user experience to search and filter digital assets across all connected data domains and asset libraries from one panel.


All version.

Access and insight into the revision history of the selected asset. Plus, adaptions of the same asset, i.e. High Res, Low Res, Web Res.


Drag and drop.

Easiest way to place assets and meta data into your layout or timeline. Simplifies the tedious task of locating and relinking assets one by one.



Two-Way asset Super Highway, you can upload your assets back to your data domain, keeping all your edits/assets in one place.



Linked metadata can be transformed into styled content. Easily accessed and placed into your layout, ensuring content consistency across marketing output.


Link or relink.

Simplifies the process, eliminates the tedious task of locating and relinking assets one by one in different data domains.


See where used.

With the history function, all involved people can see where each asset have been used before. Improve consistency or variety, it is up to you.


DRM support.

Instantly know and see where and how long your assets can be used. Create safe and compliant content without any effort.


Similarity search.

An asset isn`t quite right? Work with data domains that support Similar Search and find exactly the right one.



With data domains and asset libraries throughout your marketing ecosystems is the philosophy behind CI HUB Connector.

Main benefits.

  • Simplifies daily work.
  • Streamlines workflows.
  • Connects internal and external units.
  • Consistent and compliant asset handling.
  • Ensures productions on demand.

Let’s be technical
for a moment.


CI HUB is just a small and easy to install plugin, but with a big impact on your daily routines. It adds the CI HUB Asset-Panel to every supported application and gives you a best-in-class user experience.

  • One UI for all apps and sources
  • Full text search
  • Facetted search
  • Similarity search
  • Filter options
  • Sorting options
  • Multiple preview sizes
  • Grid view / List view / Detail view
  • Configurable metadata view
saves a lot of time & makes my workflow a lot easier.
Simon Konrad

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More functional features.

  • Connect multiple systems
  • Replacement features
  • Enhanced Link Manager
  • Availability check
  • Content Language Spaces
  • Visual asset version control
  • Visual rights management control
  • Multi page preview for InDesign
  • Versioning within your app
  • Upload within your app
  • Download within your app
  • URL linking
  • CSV export for DataMerge
  • Document check in & check out
  • Replace all feature
  • Asset locking
  • Register feature for DRM
  • Move asset between sources

More technical features.

  • Real SaaS solution
  • Approved software
  • Single click installation
  • No C++ / easy to deploy
  • Connects to workflows
  • Auto updates
  • Monthly release cycle
  • Identity Access Management built on OKTA®
  • Works with central deployment systems
  • Fully transparent to security and rights
  • Refreshes access token automatically
  • Covers on-premise and cloud hosted solutions