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Topix AG, based in St.Gallen, was founded in 1989 and is a leading provider of IT solutions for media production, marketing and communication in Switzerland. As a specialist in this field, Topix AG offers concepts, solutions and services for agencies, media service providers, printers, publishers, marketing and communications departments of small, medium-sized and large companies.

Our motto: We want your success. That’s why we listen very carefully first. Because our IT solutions support what you know and can do best: Your daily business. Perfect fit, effective and stable. This is what we have been living for as an implementation and service partner for over 30 years.

Contact: Dieter Herzmann

Topix AG
Waldmannstrasse 9a
CH-9014 St. Gallen
Telefon +41 71 313 80 40

Web www.topix.ch
E-Mail info@topix.ch

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