Level: Premium
Vendor: Advallance AG


Company The beginnings of Sharedien go back to 2011 Ð started as a customer project of our founding company Advellence Solutions AG at one of our major customers, Sharedien today supports around fifty thousand users in more than 70 countries in their daily tasks related to the management, maintenance, and provision of content. In addition to the continuous further development of our unbeatable technology, the integration of Sharedien into the individual content creation and communication processes as well as the integration of the solution into the digital ecosystem of our customers are the essential cornerstones of our project work. Software Solution Sharedien |The worldÕs fastest, smartest and first cloud-native Content Hub Sharedien unites what belongs together what belongs together and offers access to all content elements, powerful and automated processes at top speed and a unique user experience for all. Good content is the foundation for outstanding customer experiences. But it is anything but easy to create good content and stand out from the competition. The daily routine usually does not give communication managers the necessary space for creativity and strategic planning. Creating, managing, providing and sharing digital assets such as images, videos, texts or documents is a mammoth task, and this is exactly where Sharedien comes in. Thanks to artificial intelligence, automation of processes and workflows as well as smart integrations, Sharedien takes over a large part of the effort in dealing with digital assets and intelligently integrates creative work of internal as well as external users. The result: a more efficient way of working, more time for creative tasks and more control over the entire communication processes.


To use the CI HUB Adapter to connect to Sharedien you need to be a customer of Advellence and may have a subscription, which has costs associated with it. The availability of the Sharedien platform is not part of the CI HUB Service and the two services are separate. To use CI HUB a connection to the Internet is required. The Sharedien adapter can be used with Sharedien Version 3.7 and higher.


The intelligent connection between the CI-Hub-Connector and our DAM system Sharedien accelerates the entire workflow process in the creation and modification of digital assets directly from Adobe Creative Suite. As an in-app plug-in, the CI-Hub-Connector offers a simple way for designers to connect all assets within Sharedien to Adobe applications such as Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere. Revisions of assets can thus be managed much easier, linked to Adobe templates and shared within Sharedien with an individual workflow. With Sharedien and the CI-Hub-Connector you can take the performance and thus the entire creative process to a new level, from creation to distribution of all content. The CI-Hub-Connector connects your assets with the right people at the right time and place. The benefits of the CI-Hub Plug-in: ¥ Load, edit and save assets directly from Sharedien to Adobe Creative Apps ¥ Browse assets from categories and workspaces ¥ Full text search for assets including intelligent facets ¥ View metadata, versions and formats of assets ¥ Easily drag-and-drop assets from Sharedien into Adobe Creative Apps ¥ Load InDesign data with embedded assets ¥ Notification and download of new versions of embedded assets ¥ Save Adobe documents versioned in Sharedien ¥ Preview in low resolution and publishing in high resolution ¥ Generate thumbnails and PDF previews of your InDesign documents and save them in Sharedien

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CI HUB connects all kinds of brand assets spread across various locations to the relevant people. Assets become easily available in your favorite creative or productive applications. This makes you even more creative and productive and improves efficiency and accuracy.