Level: Extended
Vendor: Fotoware Sa.


FotoWare is a Norwegian software company which, in the space of 20 years, has become a world-leading provider of Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions. FotoWare was founded in 1997 by Ole Christian Frenning (former press photographer 1974-1985 and photo editor of Aftenposten 1985-1991) and Anders Bergman (former leader of development at Hasselblad Electronic Imaging 1985 Ð 1994), and was one of the first in the world to offer a DAM system. More than 250,000 users and 4,000 customers in a wide range of industries worldwide use FotoWare today.


To use the CI HUB Connector to connect to Fotoware, you may need a login/user account with the selected system. The availability and/or the right to connect to the third-party system is not part of the CI HUB Connector or the CI HUB Services. To use the Fotoware system there may be additional cost and/or agreements with the provider of the Fotoware system needed. Also to use the Fotoware System you need to licence the ãAPIÒ use from Fotoware. Please connect with Fotoware or one of the Fotoware partners. CI HUB reserves the right to remove third party system from the list of avail. systems or add new third party systems at any time and without notice. To use CI HUB Connector, a full connection to the Internet is required at all times.


FotoWare Connector can be used across all Adobe CC programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro. It also works with Microsoft products. ¥ The connector enables you to work seamlessly in your preferred program without having to leave it and search for the right asset in FotoWare. With the FotoWare connector you can: ¥ Drag and drop the images stored from FotoWare in the layout without leaving the program you work in. ¥ Navigate through all the visual assets and perform the full text search inside the program. Easily link and relink broken images.

Don’t search, just use.

CI HUB connects all kinds of brand assets spread across various locations to the relevant people. Assets become easily available in your favorite creative or productive applications. This makes you even more creative and productive and improves efficiency and accuracy.