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You wanna get rid of
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CI HUB Connector


Setting new standards for creative excellence
  • Cutting-edge tool for high-demand creators.
  • Empowers creators with advanced capabilities.
  • Meets and exceeds the highest expectations.

Having external content available within the application is the most requested feature by every content creator. The Connector Professional provides content components during the creation process. It doesn't matter whether your creation is intended for print, social, or web.
You use your application to access approved components from external sources. There is no need to collect images and graphic elements before and during creation.

And when it comes to teamwork?

Share your creation with others in seconds. No more huge data packages, no more distributing countless duplicates, no more data scattered throughout the company.

And when it comes to production?

You control the content expertise of your connected external systems with CI HUB within your application.

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