Silicon Publishing Alternatives: What Are The Best DAM Connectors?

In today's world of content creation, efficiency is paramount. When you need to work fast, a reliable DAM connector can help bridge the gap between your favorite creative software and digital asset management system, allowing you to efficiently access and utilize essential assets within the program.

Silicon Publishing and CI HUB both produce DAM connectors, and in this blog, we will explore the features and benefits of both products so you have a clear understanding of which is best for you! This comparison is based on publicly available information as of June 2024 and is subject to updates.



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The Importance Of Connectors And How They Streamline Workflows

Having a connector helps you streamline your workflow. A connector makes all your content easily accessible, saving you extra time. These tools can reduce up to 40% of workload by automating your data asset management.

For example, imagine you’re a graphic designer working on social media posts using Adobe Photoshop. Traditionally, you might need to:

  1. Exit Photoshop and search for the perfect photo.
  2. Locate the photo within your management system, potentially wasting time browsing folders or using search terms.
  3. Return to your design program and import the download page.

This whole process can be more time-consuming and disruptive. Here’s how a DAM connector within Photoshop can revolutionize your workflow.

  1. You can effortlessly search for the image or file you need based on keywords or browse your DAM folders visually without leaving Photoshop.
  2. When you locate the desired image, you can simply drag and drop it onto your Photoshop workspace and start working on it immediately.

Check out this video to see how easy it can be to access data from multiple DAMs, PIMs and cloud storage systems without interrupting your flow.



Applications for Work Software

Here is a comparison table showing which applications are integrated with CI HUB and Silicon Publishing connectors.

Adobe Silicon Publishing CI HUB
Premiere Pro
After Effects
Microsoft Silicon Publishing CI HUB
Google Workspace Silicon Publishing CI HUB
Other work apps Silicon Publishing CI HUB
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Client



Silicon Publishing offers a limited range of connections for the Adobe Creative Cloud apps. On the other hand, CI HUB provides plugins for the full Creative Cloud suite, as well as for Microsoft365, Google Workspace, and a broad range of other tools including Figma, Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Sketch.



Integration with DAMs and Cloud Storage

Creative teams often work on multiple projects simultaneously with different storage needs. Some projects require secure, centralized storage offered by a DAM system, while others might benefit from the cloud-based accessibility of individual drives.

With the right connectors, you can choose the proper storage solution for each project while maintaining a smooth and efficient creative process. Here is a table showing all the integrations offered by Silicon Publishing and CI HUB to the most popular DAM and Cloud Storage systems.

Silicon Publishing CI HUB
Acquia DAM (Widen)
Adobe Experience Manager
Asset Bank
DemoUp Cliplister
Extreme Reach
Fylr Integration
Google Drive
Google Photos
Intelligence Bank
Media Valet
Orange Logic-Cortex
Veeva Vault
Visual Processing Japan



Silicon Publishing offers a limited range of integrations for DAMs and Cloud storage. By comparison, CI HUB offers a larger range, and is adding new ones all the time. If your company is using a DAM or Cloud which is not currently in this list, you can contact CI HUB today to discuss adding this coverage as well.



Product Information Management (PIM) Software

Product Information Management (PIM) software are highly efficient systems specially designed to streamline and centralize the collecting, overseeing, and distributing of product information over different channels. PIM software helps you store all your content in one place, like product descriptions, pricing details, SKUs, and digital resources (including product photos or PDFs).

Unlike DAM systems, which focus more on creativity, PIMs excel at organizing and managing detailed product information, such as descriptions, specifications, and pricing. Here is a table showing a comparison of integrations for product information management software between CI HUB and Silicon Publishing.

Silicon Publishing CI HUB
myview xom



Currently, Silicon Publishing does not seem to offer integrations for PIM systems with their connector, while CI HUB offers connectors for three PIM systems.


Integration With Work Management Tools

The growing demand for separate drives, DAMs and work management tools is becoming evident. Statistics show a massive surge in work management tool usage, predicting that the market for such software will reach a staggering $15.08 billion by 2030. This growth reflects the need for streamlined workflows.

Silicon Publishing CI HUB



CI HUB has integrations for both Asana and Workfront, while currently Silicon Publishing does not publicly offer any work management plugins.



Stock Image Library Connections

The CI HUB connectors help unleash the power of your creativity. Imagine searching for the perfect image directly within your design software, eliminating the switching between windows. Providing effortless drag-and-drop functionality streamlines your workflow. They boost productivity and create stunning visuals with a seamless connection between your stock library and your favorite design tools.

Here is a list of some of the connectors supported by CI HUB.

Silicon Publishing CI HUB
Adobe Stock



CI HUB connects with some of the main stock image providers offering access to millions of images directly within your work tools, including Adobe Stock and Shutterstock and Getty Images. Currently, Silicon Publishing does not offer access to stock image providers as part of their service.



Digital Rights Management Software

Brand consistency and copyright compliance are paramount in digital creation. As creative assets grow, the ease of distribution necessitates robust digital rights management (DRM) tools such as Fadel. These tools encourage teams to maintain brand integrity by ensuring everyone uses approved assets. For this reason, CI HUB integrates with Fadel, a leading Digital Rights Management (DRM) Software, so you can create, while remaining legally in check with all your assets. Currently, Silicon Publishing does not offer access to stock image providers as part of their service.

Silicon Publishing CI HUB



Website Integration

CI HUB offers a dedicated connector in the WordPress plugin, ensuring seamless integration and streamlined workflow while building your website. At present, Silicon Publishing doesn’t provide a dedicated WordPress solution.

Silicon Publishing CI HUB



Security: ISO Certification

CI HUB’s ISO certification provides assurance for businesses which prioritize data security. It offers peace of mind and enhanced trust of the customers. While Silicon Publishing includes security features, the lack of documented ISO certification is a limitation.

Silicon Publishing CI HUB



Feature Breakdown By Category Between CI HUB & Silicon Publishing

CI HUB aims to offer a single solution for multiple connections, at every stage of your work process. In addition to connecting between your storage system and work tools, the best connectors can go a step further, integrating Print Services, Generative AI Capabilities, Single Sign-On Authorization (SSO) and more.

Here is a breakdown of the additional features offered by Silicon Publishing and CI HUB:

Customer DAM Adapters Silicon Publishing CI HUB
PureRed Filemaker & MS SQL


File Synchronization Silicon Publishing CI HUB


Print Services Silicon Publishing CI HUB


Gen AI Connections Silicon Publishing CI HUB
Dream Studio



Single Sign-On Authentication (SSO)

Single Sign-On (SSO) streamlines your work by eliminating the need to remember and enter multiple login credentials for different applications. It also strengthens security by reducing the risk of password-related breaches and ensuring users only access authorized applications. The CI HUB connector easily integrates with your existing SSO setup and ensures a seamless, secure experience when accessing your creative assets within your design programs.

Silicon Publishing CI HUB




This guide compared the features and integrations of the DAM connectors offered by Silicon Publishing and CI HUB. In the comparison, it’s clear that Silicon Publishing provides some strong features for connecting to leading work apps, and has integrations with some of the leading DAM systems. However, the range of connections offered by CI HUB is significantly stronger. With CI HUB users can connect with a growing range of DAMs, PIMs and cloud storage systems, alongside leading work management tools, stock providers, DRM software and website CMS.

For the strongest tools to make your flow work, contact CI HUB today and get started!

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