Join us on the “Cloud Workspace Essentials” webinar

Did you know you could work up to ten times faster using a simple asset plug-in?
Most people don’t!
There are in fact tonnes of clever workarounds to expedite working with Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Microsoft SharePoint, Creative Cloud Libraries, and our nearest and dearest platforms.
Join our CEO Andreas Michalski and Head of Customer Success, Gerd Glaser as they share how to accelerate your creative output be more productive using a simple in-app connector. In this session, you’ll learn how to:
  • Access the assets you need from any DAM, PIM or Cloud system
  • Find the correct size or most recently approved version of any asset or layer
  • Use alternate renditions and versions of your assets
  • Efficiently track changes from your clients
  • Manage large videos and their low-res alternatives
….All from within your Adobe or Microsoft suite!
If you are interested in learning how to work faster and more efficient with the CI HUB Connector, follow the link to register 👉🏻

Article by
Andreas Michalski

CEO & Founder of CI HUBAs Managing Director and Head of Sales, Andreas Michalski sold the company iBrams GmbH & Co KG, which he founded, to the French company Wedia SA in 2017. The company developed a Marketing W2P solution for international companies such as Deutsche Bahn, Fresenius, BMW, Continental, Estee Lauder, and Apple.