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Interview with Andreas from CI HUB

Interview with Andreas from CI HUB

Our Andreas recently spoke to Haeme Ulrich from the publishingblog about CI HUB. Link to the video interview (German).

“We build extensions in order to make assets available where users actually are”, Andreas Michalski from CI HUB GmbH describes the strategy behind the product of the same name “CI HUB”.
“CI HUB” is designed to simplify brand management and marketing production by allowing publishing and office programs to be simultaneously connected to different DAM/MAM/PIM systems. These include systems such as Pixelboxx – but also platforms such as Dropbox and even Adobe Stock.

I asked Andreas Michalski about the new product. He also shows “CI HUB” as a working plugin in Adobe InDesign.

Betatester welcome

If you want to put “CI HUB” through its paces and contribute input for further development, you can register as a beta tester via our Website.

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