HSEvents Webinar 'Get your Team using your DAM; fast and easy'

On the 21st of February 2024, CI HUB hosted another insightful HSEvents Webinar titled 'Get your Team using your DAM; fast and easy'

Hear about the brand-new CI HUB product family that will put the DAM at the center of a company’s brand building.

Get your Team using your DAM; fast and easy

Make Windows Explorer and/or Mac OS Finder the access point(s) for all the assets stored in your DAM.
You will see how we are using one of the easiest, pre-installed tools in the Explorer and Finder to access the DAM.
  • Increase usage, adoption, time saving,
  • Connect one or multiple DAMs,
  • And roll out to the entire enterprise quickly with the CI HUB Drive.
On top of this, you will get an introduction to the CI HUB Connector Corporate and it will open astound you how easy it will be to enable ALL creators in your organization to stay on brand.
The future of Digital Asset Management is about easy access for everyone - wherever they work.


Andreas Michalski
Andreas Michalski
CEO and founder of CI HUB
Gerd Glaser
Chief Sales Officer of CI HUB


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Gerd Glaser

CSO, Chief Sales OfficerGerd Glaser has 25 years of experience in the marketing and communications industry. He has worked as a founder and managing director of agencies and as an external consultant for leading companies. He has extensive knowledge of digital asset management, workflow management and is an expert on Adobe products.