HSE Webinar Looking ahead to 2023 – DAM, Workflow & Future Innovation

2022 was a year of amazing innovations and technology that will continue to influence the future of work. Are you curious about the new year's hot topics and upcoming innovations? Don’t miss the chance to attend our exerts reviewing what's coming in 2023 including:

  1. Back to Work and the ‘New Work’ environment
  2. AI Generated Images and DAM
  3. Workflow integrations into Marketing/Enterprise
  4. Is DAM still relevant and how to cope with innovation

Join Andreas Michalski, CEO of CI HUB along with a panel of selected experts such as:

  • Kevin Davis, Enterprise Workflow Innovation & Integrations at Shutterstock
  • Ana L’Antigua, Global Head of Technology Partnerships at Aprimo
  • Marc Konik, VP of Technology at PureRED
  • Mark Milstein, COO at vAIsual

Join the Henry Stewart Webinar Looking ahead to 2023 – DAM, Workflow & Future Innovation sponsored by CI HUB

The upcoming Henry Stewart Webinar, titled “Looking ahead to 2023 – DAM, Workflow & Future Innovation”, will be held on the 14th of December at 6 pm CEST (9 AM PDT / 12 PM EDT / 5 PM BST).

Register now, bring your questions, and be part of this lively discussion!

If you can’t make it on that day, don’t worry; all registrants will receive a link to the recording after the webinar ends.

What questions would you ask the panel? Feel free to contact us and let us know.

Article by
Andreas Michalski

CEO & Founder of CI HUBAs Managing Director and Head of Sales, Andreas Michalski sold the company iBrams GmbH & Co KG, which he founded, to the French company Wedia SA in 2017. The company developed a Marketing W2P solution for international companies such as Deutsche Bahn, Fresenius, BMW, Continental, Estee Lauder, and Apple.