Feature Updates: Figma and Adobe Express highlights

While some members of the team were at Adobe MAX and others launching on Product Hunt, the Dev team were back in the lab working on some more magic to keep the CI HUB Connector as the leading connector on the market.

Here are the main updates…


Implement selection export

Now select an image or even multiple images, goood old left click and drag, to highlight multiple images, if that is your cup-o-tea, and then it is over to the panel to save & add them to your DAM or cloud storage as a png or jpeg, the choice is yours. Sounds simple, is simple.

Adobe Express:

Speak of the devil, launching and updating in the same week. How do they do it, you ask me. Simple...we built a tool to make your life efficient, because that is the way we work as well.

We have enabled a great feature on BOX and Google photos, the ability to directly upload and download assets and thumbnails.

More than just that we have activated Adobe Express connector for Imageshop, AdmiralCloud, Censhare, MediaGraph, OMN, Pixelboxx, Sitecore, Workdocs, and SiteFusion. We just needed to dot a few I's and cross a few t’s for these integrations all to be available and functioning with the ease and efficiency that you are accustomed too with a CI HUB Connector.

That is your lot for this week, but the Devs will be back very soon with some more amazing new features.

Why not take our Figma and Adobe Express connectors for a spin.

Article by
Nick Stein

CMO, Chief Marketing Officer Nick Stein has 20+ years experience in Marketing which includes managing the Manchester United sponsorship. For the past 15 years he has been a Marketing consultant guiding start ups at various stages to exist, mergers and funding rounds. He is also an experienced founder with an exit behind him with OnePlayerDown.