Connect your DAM Content to Figma, Sketch, and WordPress – and never lose control

On the 12th of May, we hosted another Henry Stewart Webinar, titled “Connect your DAM Content to Figma, Sketch, and WordPress – and never lose control”.

Our CEO, Andreas Michalski and Gerd Glaser, Head of Customer Support, had the opportunity to talk about the CI HUB Connector and show you how easy it is to place and connect your DAM content in Figma, Sketch and our latest addition, WordPress, without ever leaving the respective application.

With CI-HUB you can access Images, Graphics, Templates and all digital media directly from the creative applications where you need to use them. It connects tools like Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, Sketch, Figma, and WordPress directly to the brand assets that are held within your DAMs, PIMs, and other media repositories.

If you’ve missed our session, you can now watch it below and get all the insights directly from the experts.




Article by
Gerd Glaser

CSO, Chief Sales OfficerGerd Glaser has 25 years of experience in the marketing and communications industry. He has worked as a founder and managing director of agencies and as an external consultant for leading companies. He has extensive knowledge of digital asset management, workflow management and is an expert on Adobe products.