CI HUB is launching a new integration with Cloudprinter

We are happy to announce that this offers the entire printing network from CloudPrinter directly in the CI HUB Connector panel.

Today CI HUB is launching a new integration with our partner Cloudprinter

Imagine the possibilities to print directly from Adobe CC, Office 365, Google workspace! Printing locally is it greener than sending printed material around the world by post. This is why integrating Cloudprinter into the CI HUB panel is a great new extra.

CI HUB+ Cloudprinter

allows you to automatically print your designs from inside Adobe Creative Cloud products.
Install the plugin and print your designs on any of the 5000 templates in a few simple steps.

Why this is great for you

“This integration with Cloudprinter is a natural fit and a great addition to our already great list of integrations. Imagine, we are now able to offer an easier way to design on brand and print locally with the material you create…”  - Andreas Michalski, Founder & CEO of CI HUB

“CI HUB connects us to the top applications for producing print material, Adobe, Microsoft, Google, Figma, you name it. Working together helps us in our efforts to become the top cloud print company worldwide as we are once again, where the customers need to use us.” - Martijn Eier, CEO of Cloudprinter

About Cloudprinter

This is an API-based solution that enables you to print in over 100 countries worldwide. No more bags full of one-pagers on your next flight!

Learn more here


This is just one of the non-DAM or cloud storage that we have integrated to at CI HUB, with many more to come in the future.

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Watch the Tutorials to learn more

Print from Adobe Creative Cloud apps with CI HUB +

Print from Adobe Illustrator with CI HUB +

Print from Adobe InDesign with CI HUB +

Print from Adobe Photoshop with CI HUB +


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