Pimcore Connector

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Pimcore is an open-source software platform used by over 100 000 companies worldwide for digital asset management, product information management, master data management, digital experience management, multi-channel publishing, and e-commerce. Acclaimed by analysts from Gartner and Forrester, its customers include Fortune 100 companies such as Pepsi, Sony, and Audi. The company’s headquarters are in Salzburg, Austria


The benefits of this new partnership include

  • Seamless and streamlined marketing processes and creative workflows for assets and product data, including metadata
  • Accessing, editing, and producing CI-consistent content directly with data from Pimcore’s central PIM and DAM brand hub
  • Powerful search, filter, and drag & drop features to work with all data, including bundles and attributes inside Adobe CC
  • Tremendously raises the efficiency of working with Pimcore’s DAM


Technically, the extension provides a configurable API adapter (Pimcore Connector) connected to CI HUB inside Pimcore’s Data HUB. Companies can define which data should be accessible. They can configure which data entities they would like to expose and even transform the data with operators. For assets, they can decide the quality in which they want to deliver them. Active clients of Pimcore’s Enterprise Subscription get full access to this new feature.

CI HUB presentation from Pimcore Inspire 21

Basic information about the CI HUB Connector in combination with the use of objects and images from Pimcore.


We are offering the CI HUB Connector for all Pimcore Versions. Your Pimcore System needs to be able to hand the data via an Interface that is not part of our Product.

Pimcore is offering this interface via a native Integration within the Pimcore Enterprise Edition as part of the subscription. For all „non“ enterprise versions we are offering this interface as open source files within a GitHub repository. 

Please get in contact with us if you have questions or need access. support@ci-hub.com


Get direct access to all your assets with CI HUB!

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