OMN CI HUB-Connector

Level: Basic, Beta


Online Media Net (OMN) is a product of apollon GmbH+Co. KG. The software for omnichannel marketing supports marketers in the optimal handling of their marketing data in order to effectively address customers on all information and sales channels. From the right data procurement, to perfect content creation, to effective data distribution! No other system on the market bundles the breadth of omnichannel marketing in a single solution. Whether holistic, integrated or modular. Online Media Net is tailored to [marketing] needs, flexible and state-of-the-art.

With the OMN CI HUB Connector, OMN users are able to use all assets stored in OMN DAM directly in Microsoft or Adobe applications.

Your benefits with the OMN CI HUB-Connector:

  • Save time: find the creative content you need in the respective application and incorporate it directly, without any detours!
  • Comply with CI: Don’t worry about whether assets are up-to-date and CI-compliant, because only approved materials reside in OMN DAM!
  • Always have the right format at hand: Since media-neutral assets are stored in OMN DAM, you always have the right format at hand when importing and do not have to convert anything!


OMN DAM is the digital asset management system within the OMN suite. The DAM system helps you to always have content at hand once it has been created. Thanks to central storage, smart management and proper distribution, you can maximize your digital content. The basis is a single, media-neutral source document. You determine the validity of the assets yourself and have full control at all times that only current and approved media are in circulation. No matter whether you use the assets in Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel or Word or in Adobe CC programs. Your users only access CI-compliant assets.

  • Access to all assets in OMN DAM (images, graphics, documents, videos, audios, etc.)
  • Direct use of assets in the programs Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign simply by drag & drop
  • Intelligent search function of OMN DAM directly in OMN CI HUB-Connector incl. metadata and filters
  • Reliable rights & license management


To use the CI HUB Adapter to connect to OMN, you need to be a customer of apollon and may have a subscription, which has costs associated with it. The availability of the OMN platform is not part of the CI HUB Service and the two services are separate. To use CI HUB a connection to the Internet is required. 

To learn more about OMN, visit onlinemedianet.de/en

Get direct access to all your assets with CI HUB!

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