myview offers PIM Excellence and digital enterprise strategies by developing platforms for the organization of product and company data.

The goal is simple: To master the digital transformation in product communication.

With products like xmedia and xom, myview provides the foundation for implementing the digital transformation of marketing and sales processes in your company. myview uses its industry expertise, especially for technical products, to drive digitalization far beyond the product. A solution-oriented way of working and partnership-based cooperation with their customers ensure long-term customer satisfaction.


The cooperation between CI HUB and myview opens up a new innovative way for you to work with product and company data.

Texts and metadata, images and videos – all of your company’s assets are quickly and easily accessible thanks to the connection with the CI HUB adapter and the myview PIM system. The In-APP keyword search, live display and content management via drag & drop simplify the work processes for marketing and sales and make them more efficient.

By the use of the xom API, the PIM system delivers consistent and up-to-date data to your Adobe Creative Cloud applications (e.g. Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator) or Microsoft products (e.g. PowerPoint).


To use the CI HUB Connector to connect to one of the offered third party systems, you may need a login/user account with the selected system. The availability and/or the right to connect to the third-party system is not part of the CI HUB Connector or the CI HUB Services. To use the third party system there may be additional cost and/or agreements with the provider of the third party system needed. CI HUB reserves the right to remove third party system from the list of avail. systems or add new third party systems at any time and without notice. To use CI HUB Connector, a full connection to the Internet is required at all times.

To learn more about the myview System go to myview.de