myview develops platforms for the organization of product and company data.

With our products xmedia and xom, we provide you with the foundation for implementing the digital transformation of marketing and sales processes in companies. We use our industry expertise, especially in technical industrial products, on a daily basis to drive digitalization far beyond the product itself. Our solution-oriented approach and partnership-based cooperation at eye level with our medium-sized customers ensure long-term customer satisfaction.

CI HUB delivers all content offered by media and xom via the CI HUB Connector through the panel in Adobe CC programs and in the future also in Microsoft Powerpoint, Word and Excel.


CI HUB offers a unique way to view, search, drag&drop your PIM (Product Management Date) assets. Not just Images but also all associated metadata. CI HUB allows focusing on your SKU data with all associated relations.

It was never easier to work with your PIM Data. Search and filter your Data by Keywords and Metadata. Find similar assets in Adobe Stock or from any other connected Stock Provider.

Link and relink your asset no just in Adobe InDesign but also in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Manage HighRes and any other rendition or version.


To use the CI HUB Adapter for myview, you need to to be the Customer of myview and have some sort of subscription. This may have cost associated. The availability of the myview System is not part of the CI HUB Service.

To learn more about the myview System go to