Established in 1992, eyebase has grown to one of the largest DAM providers in Europe and has now launched in the USA. We proudly serve over 20,000 users managing assets in 7+ languages across 9+ countries. Hundreds of companies around the world rely on eyebase for their digital asset management—from small photography studios to global brands and multinational corporations with thousands of users speaking many languages. eyebase – the ultimate DAM.

CI HUB delivers all content offered by eyebase via the CI HUB Connector through the panel in Adobe CC programs and in the future also in Microsoft Powerpoint, Word and Excel.


Unique features of eyebase:

eyeSync: eyebase is the only DAM with a built in “Dopbox like” asset synchronization between the DAM system and local storage

The Workflow Engine lets you design any workflows so that your staff can concentrate on being creative and productive while eyebase takes care of approvals, notifications and deadlines

eyebase ́s API allows customers to easily connect eyebase with other systems

Digital Rights Management is being taken care of in many real life facetes

Available in 8 GUI languages and fully multilingual metadata structure

Unprecedented automatic and configurable metadata handling including AI tagging of assets


To use the CI HUB Adapter for eyebase, you need to have an eyebase subscription. The availability of eyebase is not part of the CI HUB Service.

To learn more about eyebase visit