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Dropbox is the leading provider of cloud storage and file-sharing services that enable individuals and businesses to securely share and distribute content. Millions of users trust Dropbox and are using it as storage and „defecto“ DAM.

With CI HUB you can enhance the Dropbox benefits even further. You get previews of your InDesign files or your InDesign snippets, you can filter by keywords and you get the direct links to your Dropbox assets. Search similar images for your Dropbox assets if you are connected to a Stock Image Provider.

CI HUB delivers all content offered by Dropbox via the CI HUB Connector through the panel in Adobe CC programs and in the future also in Microsoft Powerpoint, Word and Excel.


CI HUB provides a rich set of features to all Dropbox users. Get all your Dropbox assets directly in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. Drag & Drop Assets and Metadata is quick and easy. CI HUB maintains the Link to your asset, so working with remote Teams is fast and easy. CI HUB always links your assets.

With CI HUB you get Previews of your InDesign files or your InDesign snippets, you can filter by Keywords. Get full access to the Assets metadata and use them.

Enhance your Assetlibrary by easy finding similar Images then you already have by searching in your preferred Stock Library. Lock and unlock your Dropbox Asset and prevent others from using unfinished work.

We are committed to delivering more and more features based on the availability of the Dropbox API capabilities.

Working with Dropbox

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To use the CI HUB Connector to connect to one of the offered third party systems, you may need a login/user account with the selected system. The availability and/or the right to connect to the third-party system is not part of the CI HUB Connector or the CI HUB Services. To use the third party system there may be additional cost and/or agreements with the provider of the third party system needed. CI HUB reserves the right to remove third party system from the list of avail. systems or add new third party systems at any time and without notice. To use CI HUB Connector, a full connection to the Internet is required at all times.

To use the CI HUB Adapter for Dropbox, you need to have a Dropbox account. If you don’t have a Dropbox account go to dropbox.com

This may have cost associated. The availability of the Dropbox System is not part of the CI HUB Service.

One connection to replace them all.

Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Indesign - Photoshop - Illustrator
  • Premiere Pro - After Effects
  • InCopy
  • All Updates + 12 Month Support
19 Monthly

Microsoft Office

  • Powerpoint - Word - Excel
  • Outlook
  • All Updates
  • 12 Month Support

For Corporate Licenses with a Team of 25 or more Users please contact our Sales Team

License is valid for one person on up to 3 computers. Based on 12 month upfront payment. The VAT may apply.
All information, prices, and data were last verified in January 2021. To report any incorrect or outdated information, please get in touch with us.

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