Dash Connector


Dash_Connector for Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office


Dash is a fast, streamlined DAM for growing teams, SMEs and start-ups. Easy to use and simple to set up, Dash helps marketing get the most out of their images and videos. Find your creative assets quickly using the power of AI, collaborate with colleagues, manage your network of content producers and share files securely with internal and external partners.


Dash Connector

Collaborate with your team
Create content collections, then invite team members or freelancers to work on them with you. Manage user access and permissions and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Share files securely
Share image and video with colleagues and external partners. Say goodbye to slow, off-brand file transfer sites and accidentally crashing inboxes with a huge .zip file attachment.

Quickly find your content
Clever, AI-powered tagging happens as soon as you upload through object tagging and facial recognition. So the next time you’re after that beach picture – just search ‘beach’ and it’ll appear. Or create your own tags to assign to your assets.

Send your content out into the world
Get your images and videos in front of potential customers, fast. Embed images from Dash onto your website, crop images to preset sizes and post them straight to your social network, or send them to your e-commerce channel through Zapier/Shopify integration.

Manage your network of content producers
With upload approvals, have your network of content producers – like photographers or designers – upload their work straight into your Dash, ready for your approval.

How to integrate Dash with Adobe and Microsoft products using CI HUB

Dash x CI HUB overview – Integrate Dash with Adobe and Microsoft products – Built By Bright


To use the CI HUB Connector for Dash, you’ll need to be a Dash customer with prices starting at £25/$38/€33 a month. You can sign up for a free Dash trial here https://www.builtbybright.com/dash/free-trial. The availability of the Dash platform is not part of the CI HUB Service and the two services are separate. To use CI HUB a connection to the Internet is required.

One connection to replace them all.

Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Indesign - Photoshop - Illustrator
  • Premiere Pro - After Effects
  • InCopy
  • All Updates + 12 Month Support
19 Monthly

Microsoft Office

  • Powerpoint - Word - Excel
  • Outlook
  • All Updates
  • 12 Month Support

For Corporate Licenses with a Team of 25 or more Users please contact our Sales Team

License is valid for one person on up to 3 computers. Based on 12 month upfront payment. The VAT may apply.
All information, prices, and data were last verified in January 2021. To report any incorrect or outdated information, please get in touch with us.

Head over to our listing in the Adobe Exchange to install the extension. 

Head over to our listing on Microsoft AppSource to install the extension. 

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