Brandfolder is a visually-elegant and user-friendly Digital Asset Management software that allows marketers and creatives across industries to maximize their brand management potential. Brandfolder is more than just storage for your digital assets; with our solution’s cloud-first architecture, users can organize, manipulate, distribute, and analyze their most important digital collateral from a single source of truth. With advanced AI-powered smart search, asset editing and manipulation, annotated workflow with approvals and notifications, and actionable brand insights, Brandfolder’s feature suite amplifies cross-team collaboration and productivity, and empowers external users to access the content they need with unprecedented ease.

CI HUB delivers all content offered by Brandfolder via the CI HUB Connector through the panel in Adobe CC programs and in the future also in Microsoft Powerpoint, Word and Excel.


Brandfolder is your single source of truth for all digital assets, from content creation to distribution. You entire team can find and utilize assets within Brandfolder. Using the CI Hub connector, you can also make changes to those assets and in real time update their version and automatically have those updates available to all of the people and places you have connected them with.


To use the CI HUB Adapter to connect to Brandfolder, you need to be a customer of Brandfolder and may have a subscription, which has costs associated with it. The availability of the Brandfolder platform is not part of the CI HUB Service and the two services are separate. To use CI HUB a connection to the Internet is required.

You will also need an api key which can be found by logging into Brandfolder and looking under profile integrations section.