Aprimo Connector

Level: Extended


Aprimo is the analyst recognized industry leader in digital asset management, work management, and marketing planning. Recognized for its enterprise-level empowerment, it’s no coincidence that 25% of the Fortune 100 utilize the Aprimo platform to streamline and govern all the behind-the-scenes marketing activities – from ideation to distribution – involved in delivering exceptional brand experiences.


Scalable and central, the Aprimo advantage ensures global marketing, commerce, and sales teams access only the most up-to-date and approved assets for use. The content lifecycle is complex, which is why we support everything from creation to management to distribution – and then tie it all into rich content insights, ultimately unlocking true content ROI on an enterprise level.


To use the CI HUB Connector to connect to Aprimo, a SaaS-based subscription to Aprimo is required. You will need a login/user account within the Aprimo system. CI HUB reserves the right to remove third party system from the list of available systems or add new third party systems at any time and without notice. To use CI HUB Connector, a full connection to the Internet is required at all times.

Get direct access to all your assets with CI HUB!

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