Introducing CI HUB Connector for SharePoint

This video explains how to easily turn SharePoint into a distribution platform using the CI HUB Connector. This is to enrich SharePoint with content from any source without time-consuming and costly interface customization and project-specific implementation.

With the CI HUB Connector you can:

  • Connect SharePoint to various source systems simultaneously (DAM, PIM, CloudStorages and Stock Provider)
  • Place images and text
  • Upload assets to SharePoint out of 17 applications
  • Fulltext Search and Filter for finding digital assets
  • Similarity Search within SharePoint
  • Manage all placed assets regarding source, location, resolution, version etc.
  • Access tasks and assets from Asana within SharePoint
  • Manage digital rights within SharePoint

Find out more about how to make Sharepoint your distribution and monitoring platform for digital assets. Learn more: CI HUB Connector for SharePoint.