How to Efficiently Prepare Documents for Printing with CI HUB

Preparing documents for printing can be a time-consuming task, especially when dealing with multiple digital assets stored in different systems. However, with the CI HUB connector, this process can be significantly streamlined. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use CI HUB to efficiently prepare your documents for printing. 


Browse Content of InDesign Documents Without Opening Them 

When you need to check the content of InDesign documents, the traditional method involves downloading and opening each file individually. This is not only time-consuming but also cumbersome. With CI HUB, you can browse through several documents without opening them directly in InDesign. This feature alone can save you around half an hour, allowing you to quickly identify the document you need without unnecessary downloads and openings.


How to Access Linked Assets

Accessing linked images stored in a DAM, PIM, or cloud storage system traditionally involves leaving InDesign, opening your browser, logging into your DAM system, and browsing your assets. With CI HUB, you can access these assets directly within InDesign by selecting your source system. This integrated approach allows you to view multiple assets and their metadata without switching applications, saving you a significant amount of time.


How to Manage Linked Assets

Managing linked assets can be a daunting task, especially when dealing with multiple images. Traditionally, you would need to download each asset, relink them in InDesign, and manually manage any updates. CI HUB simplifies this with a single click to check the status and relink all assets. This method eliminates the need for manual downloads and relinking, saving you approximately three hours.


How to Check Versions of Linked Assets

Ensuring that you are using the latest versions of each linked asset is crucial. The outdated way involves manually checking each asset’s version in your DAM and downloading updates if necessary. CI HUB streamlines this by allowing you to check the status and relink all assets with a single click, ensuring you always have the latest versions and saving you additional hours.


How to Check the Rights of Linked Assets

Verifying the rights of each linked asset is essential to ensure compliance with usage terms. Traditionally, this involves manually checking the rights in your DAM for each asset. CI HUB simplifies this process with a single click to check rights and provides a visual control for each asset. This efficient approach can save you around four and a half hours, ensuring you stay compliant with minimal effort.


How to Work with Identical File Names

Dealing with identical file names like "" or "pool.jpg" can be problematic in a download folder, leading to lost references. CI HUB addresses this issue by allowing you to search for all linked assets within the DAM with a single click, saving you hours of manual searching and ensuring that all references remain intact.


How to Make Assets Available for Print

Making assets available for print, even temporarily, can be a complex process involving multiple steps. Traditionally, you would need to download each asset and manually relink them in InDesign. With CI HUB, this process is reduced to a single click with the relink all button, ensuring that you use only high-resolution files and saving you approximately four hours.


Access to Fonts, ICC Profiles, Job Options

Accessing relevant elements like fonts, ICC profiles, and job options can be cumbersome, often involving searching and gathering these elements manually. CI HUB provides direct access to all these elements within InDesign, allowing you to search for and use them as needed. This seamless access can save you an additional hour.


How to Create and Upload Your Print PDF in a Single Step

Creating and uploading a print PDF traditionally involves multiple steps, including converting images from RGB to CMYK and ensuring they meet print service provider requirements. CI HUB simplifies this process by integrating ICC profiles and job options directly within the connector. You can create and upload your print PDF in a single step, saving you substantial time and ensuring your documents are print-ready.


Total Time Savings Using CI HUB

Using CI HUB for preparing documents for printing can save you up to 21 hours by eliminating the need to jump between applications and reducing the error rate to zero. With everything done within a single interface, the CI HUB connector streamlines the entire process, making it efficient and error-free.