CI HUB Feature Shorty: Dynamic Custom Metadata

Nothing increases the value of your digital assets more than applicable metadata content. And I'm not just talking about copyright notices or modified dates.

Many companies recognize this value in their DAM systems and link - for example - 10 images of a product to a single text asset that includes a metadata set.

So searching by item name brings up 10 images and a valuable and structured text asset that can be used in all authoring tools.

Customized metadata is another step toward the cross-channel use of information.

CI HUB has the right solution for this. Metadata fields are now “grouped” in areas (Basic, XMP, EXIF, IPTC, and Custom). The display of metadata content is dynamic. No content - no show.

You can also rearrange the metadata order by dragging and dropping the blue elements.

This new feature is also available for the list view.

And, of course: You can drag and drop customized metadata content into your layout or pre-formatted text frames.

For more information download the pdf.

Article by
Gerd Glaser

CSO, Chief Sales OfficerGerd Glaser has 25 years of experience in the marketing and communications industry. He has worked as a founder and managing director of agencies and as an external consultant for leading companies. He has extensive knowledge of digital asset management, workflow management and is an expert on Adobe products.