CI HUB Connector PRO for Microsoft PowerPoint - The Ultimate Video Guide

Have you ever caught yourself searching for images available to fit into your PowerPoint presentations for endless hours, wasting your time and money? If your answer is yes then you will love the PRO extension of the CI HUB Connector which just launched.

For all the Microsoft users out there, you can now take your PowerPoint presentations to the next level with the CI HUB Connector PRO for Microsoft PowerPoint. What are the benefits? With the PRO extension you can now: 

  • Connect sources to your PowerPoint application at the same time 

  • Browse out-of-the-box in 60+ leading DAM, PIM, Cloud Storage, Stock Providers & Work-Management systems

  • Monitor images and documents in a PowerPoint site by using the groundbreaking "Smart Linking" Feature 

  • Stay in your PowerPoint presentations and focus only on the task at hand without having to switch apps for getting images

  • Speed up the flow of your presentation and minimize the file size

  • Run a complete inventory and view the status of all placed elements and have full control over all placed elements stands for consistent and compliant use of your content at any time

  • … and many more! 

0:00 Intro

0:41 Time is Money

0:57 Connecting sources to PowerPoint

1:12 Use content in context 

1:26 Using Renditions for images and graphics

2:08 Smart Linking with CI HUB

5:13 Managing Decks

5:48 Importing Slides

6:23 Applying Themes

6:58 Merging Master Slides

7:30 Replace / Replace all feature

8:05 Using Metadata

8:27 Stock Provider and Similarity Search

8:56 Filetypes


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