w-vision AG

Location(s): Switzerland
Integration(s): Pimcore
w-vision AG
w-vision AG

Connecting Pimcore with CI HUB w-vision AG makes it possible.

We create digital success stories and develop customized web solutions and e-commerce applications that are tailored exactly to the needs of our customers. This includes strategic and conceptual considerations, convincing designs, the development of high-level digital solutions and, ultimately, target-oriented growth concepts.

We are a Pimcore agency with heart and blood and are 100% committed to Pimcore. As the first Pimcore Gold Partner in Switzerland and with more than 200 successful Pimcore projects under our belt, we perform our work with passion and a great deal of practical knowledge.

It is therefore a great concern for us to always actively participate in the further development of the Pimcore platform. In this regard, we have recently developed an extension in collaboration with the company CI HUB, which provides the ability to connect Pimcore with Adobe and Microsoft.

Watch our video tutorial now, using Adobe InDesign as an example, to learn how to easily integrate and work with CI HUB.


w-vision AG


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